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8.8.12 - 14 NOTES - REBLOG
Maybelline’s Eye Studio Gel Eye Liner
This product I could rave about for days on end! The product itself is richly pigmented and only takes one coat to get an ultra black line. I also find that the consistency is spot-on and is a breeze to apply! The brush that comes included with the product has short, tapered bristles that hold their shape, but flex at the right angles for expert control! 
The lasting power of this liner is one word: amazing! For me, it lasts all day with the same pigmentation that it had when it was first applied. It doesn’t sweat/melt off, and it’s virtually waterproof in my opinion!
If you’re like me, and aren’t very good with liquid liner, try gel! It glides on super easily and without the big mess!
This product gets a 10/10!
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